Welcome all of you who are called to be different!

Here we make Music, Light and Embody and Record the Miraculous

Ecklesia is dedicated to Jesus Christ and bringing Him Honor and Glory.

There is so much the world can not concieve and we will help them using the language of the day, sound and media -
Music and Light
The people of this world really only see and hear in black and white.
We can help them see and hear in the colors and sounds of the Creator are you with me?

Today we are reaching out to those of you that God has gifted to make a difference and are truly willing to reach out to pre-believers and successfully move them towards being true Christ followers utilizing modern media. However simple or complex that may be!

Do you know how that may happen from where you are now? What do you think? just imagine...

Now you might be having some kind of subjective emotional response to one, some or all of the above, please try to be objective. Think, what are you called to do, how are you different? If He can make a King out of a shepherd to build His kingdom what will He make of you to continue building?